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Help your existing users do more by integrating Capzool into your app. When they can access Capzool directly from your dashboard, your solution becomes even more powerful.

Turn your online presence into profit!
Add Capzool to your offering and be a social business leader for your customers.

Your clients are looking for a content solution for their social marketing. With Capzool, you can help solve your customers’ challenges. We’ll give you complete access to the tools and resources you need to accelerate sales in any industry. Your personal solution partner manager will be there for you from on-boarding and training to marketing and co-selling. By extending the value of our service, Capzool’s Partners provide a powerful set of services to their customer that increases productivity and significant cost savings. The demand on social media content has significantly increased recently. Be part of the social business revolution with The ONLY platform of royalty-free stock posts for businesses worldwide.

Capzool closely partners with leading independent software and technology platform vendors, to combine the best in reliable & scalable social media content solution. Our solution, consulting, marketing & referral partners provide vertical market solutions, value-added components, and critical business consulting services for optimizing sales, marketing, and support processes. 

Partner solutions include:

  • Advertising and Brand Management
  • Newspapers & Publications
  • Major industry portals
  • Leading social media platforms
  • Online Marketing platforms

By working together, Capzool offers our customers direct access to a range of business solutions. Capzool works with our partners to assure the success of their offerings through marketing support, sales enablement, business collaboration and customer-lifecycle management in order to achieve authorization and certification.

Extend your reach, extend your solution with social, turn your online presence into profit.
Our partners enjoy profits. We help you create new revenue streams. Earn recurring revenue - Create new revenue by charging your customer for Capzool app. Our Platform Partners program provides serious earning potential.

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