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Capzool is the only platform of ready-to-use, complete social media posts for businesses. It provides a scheduler, calendar, analytics, and custom posts to create complete marketing campaigns in minutes.


Everything you need to make an impact - a designed image, the text, and relevant & popular hashtags, as well as an optional link to your website and company phone number.

Our content comes from the Capzool Creators Community of over 3000 marketing professionals and graphic designers constantly uploading to the platform. Each post is audited by our review team to ensure it meets Capzool’s criteria and standards. The creators get paid by Capzool once a post is approved or gets used.

Capzool is for those who don’t have the time to post or design content daily, or don’t want to spend the money hiring professional marketers. It is also for people who simply don’t have the knowledge of how to conduct proper social marketing that generates engagement.

Capzool provides engaging, ready-to-use posts for every business, service, and industry by connecting people that need quality content fast for their social accounts to the Capzool Content Creators - a community of freelance marketing professionals around the US. These creators are uploading posts daily, and at the other end - users pick and choose the posts they like, and the creators get paid by Capzool.


NO! All posts are hand crafted by marketing professionals, graphic designers, and copywriters - real-life human beings.

EVERY social media platform you use! We suggest you focus on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

No. You select a subscription that best suits your needs and are only charged once per month. The content creators are paid only by Capzool.

Yes. You can create unlimited posts from scratch with your own images and content.

Yes. All posts are fully editable and the images are royalty-free, meaning your subscription gives you full permission to edit them however you need.

Yes. The images and photos are in full resolution and quality. Capzool only approves images that meet our standards. 

No need to unfriend her. Add her to your 'restricted' friend list so she can't see what you did last night, and click 'unsubscribe' on her page so you don't see her embarrassing posts of baby pictures of you. 

The term refers to one of the main capabilities of the Capzool scheduler - you can schedule an individual post to any or all of your social accounts (For example: Your business Facebook page, your personal Facebook and your business Twitter account together) with just one click. If you use one post for multiple platforms, it only counts as one download from your subscription.

Yes. You may link as many business profiles as your Capzool subscription allows.

Capzool already has many posts for the most unique industries and bizarre topics you can think of - you’ll be surprised! On top of that, we give you direct access to the Capzool Creators Community with the ability to request posts. You can simply type ideas you have or what you need, and your request will be  delivered to the community who begin working on them immediately. Within hours, you will have many options to choose from, ready to go.

No. The posts have no association to the Capzool brand. Your secret is safe with us.

Plans Start at just $29 per month. No contracts, it's a month-to-month subscription you can cancel at any time.

Yes. You can upgrade/downgrade your subscription at any time.

Feel free to send us an email at support@capzool.com or call us at 1-800-320-1480 between 8:00-6:00 PST Monday-Friday and a real life human being will be happy to assist you.