Development of

Capzool started as a full digital marketing platform for businesses. Tools and features included social media management, email campaigns, reputation management, SMS and voice broadcasting campaigns, contact management, press releases and blogs. 

Launch of Capzool - Beta 1

"Digital Marketing Made Simple"

The first version of Capzool launched and we acquired dozens of new clients. During the first few months, we collected case studies and learned that the social media management feature was the most used and the most valuable for 90% of small businesses. One particularly interesting finding was users’ repetitive use of ready-made social media posts that we implemented in the system as examples. 

Tracking Customer Usage

Ever since we had learned that good and sharable social media content is what businesses were lacking the most, we began creating a unique library of “suggested posts” for different marketing purposes and industries. Users were notified of this new addition and began using this library on a daily basis. 

Changing Focus

After 6 months of tracking customer usage, we decided to change the purpose of by focusing only on social media management and the ready-made posts. 

Takeoff of Capzool - Beta 2

As soon as we created the first 50,000 stock-posts for businesses, we decided to launch the new product and announce it to existing users. During this month, we QA the system and acquired more knowledge of the usage - we learned that 70% of all social media posts published by our customers were taken from Capzool’s library of ready-made posts. 

Capzool Creators

Once the system was up and running and businesses were submitting requests for more content, Capzool Creators’ Zone was launched in search of more marketers and content creators. The response was fantastic and creators started adding more posts to the existing library and work per demand. Thousands of new creators registered to Capzool within two months. 

Media Agencies Solution

Based on demand and after three months of ongoing development, we designed a special edition of Capzool for media agencies. Main differences include a new design and more advanced technology which make it significantly easier to navigate between pages. This special edition will become the foundation for the new and final version of 

Launch of the new

Our development teams are working around the clock to re-build Capzool for small businesses. The original code of is three years old and by using the new code, the entire system will run more smoothly and bug-free. Based on the feedback we have been getting from media agencies, we predict that the new system will enhance user experience and increase sales. 

Launch of the new Contributors Site

One of the most important changes that were implemented into Capzool is the Contributors’ Zone. This new component taught us that we now have the ability to reach out to thousands of marketers and content creators in the click of a button. We plan to build a site that contains features that will make processes such as uploading posts, accepting design requests and receiving payment much easier and smoother. We are currently working on a new website which will be able to accommodate millions of new contributors and posts.