How Do I Know What to Post

Knowing what to post is both the hardest and most crucial element for success in social media marketing, but it doesn’t have to be.


During a recent phone call with a Capzool user, I was speaking to her about her favorite feature; the Smart Recommendation Calendar. 

She told me, “people think I have a full time marketing manager. I chuckle to myself because of how easy it is for me.” That’s exactly why the Recommendation Calendar was developed. With the rule of thumb being an 80/20 ratio of non-promotional to promotional material to post, it can be difficult to fill your social media with 80% of content not necessarily related to your business. 

Content is the key to finding success on social media. If people are not engaging with your posts, they will be shown to less and less people. Developing a content strategy is the first step towards driving up engagement, and it’s also the hardest. The Smart Recommendation Calendar is a perfect solution for this. You are given suggested posts for all 365 days of the year, covering all holidays, special days, and events you might not have even thought of. Select posts that represent your brand and speak with your voice. 

On top of engagement, you need shareable posts. A study conducted by Fractl shows Facebook users typically share posts that are either entertaining, useful, or thought provoking. What’s interesting is that it noted ⅓ of people who share content regularly do so to maintain a certain image of themselves. If people are doing this for their own personal image, it is clear that businesses must do the same. 

All posts in the Smart Recommendation Calendar were created by marketing professionals and graphic designers with relevant hashtags properly worded to spark engagement on your posts. This acts as a springboard for starting conversations with your existing, new, and future customers, providing you with the perfect opportunity to answer questions, provide insights, and represent yourself in a positive light online. 


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How Do I Know What to Post

Knowing what to post is both the hardest and most crucial element for success in social media marketing, but it doesn’t have to be.

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