4. Cut down social media management time by 90%

You can create an entire month’s marketing campaign for your business in minutes by utilizing our Smart Recommendation Calendar ™ and posting to your social accounts directly from Capzool.


An ARMY of marketing professionals stand behind you

As part of your plan, you can request more posts for any topic - with your own style - from the Capzool Creators Community. Within hours, you will have several new posts available to you, ready to go.

Community Superpower

What makes Capzool truly powerful is the community that stands behind it. Over 5000 marketing professionals, graphic designers, and copywriters from all over the U.S. are creating handcrafted posts with market-tested results designed to get the most out of your social media. The platform allows the content creators to utilize their talent while getting paid by Capzool for the posts they are creating - which is why hundreds of new creators apply every day.






Edit & Schedule

The post editor is a powerful photo editor right within your browser, without requiring the skills or knowledge of expensive software. The posts are branded to you, with the option of further customization with your own logo, copy, stickers, and emojis.

Create an entire marketing campaign in minutes. Post simultaneously to all your social accounts now or months in advance. If you had Capzool, you'd be done by now.

Recommendation Calendar

Stay on top of your game with Capzool Recommendation Calendar ™

Our recommendation engine will find you relevant posts for each date on your calendar - special events, holidays, and important historical anniversaries - all with ready-to-use posts from our platform. It also displays your scheduled posts, with the ability to edit or delete them right from your calendar.